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About us

Archmage Games Studio Co., Ltd. is a studio specializing in producing Indie games for PC, established in August 2021, based in Hanoi, Vietnam. We develop games of various genres such as Simulation, Roguelike, Card Games - TCG, RTS, and RPG... Our games are released in major stores around the world like Steam.


We want to develop the culture of making PC games in Vietnam and bring Vietnamese products, creativity, and wisdom to the world.

Core values

For customers, we want to bring new, creative, attractive, and quality gaming experiences, so our games are always carefully invested in all aspects, from the plot, character design, etc. objects, graphics, animation, sound, visual effects, and UI.

For the staff, we always behave kindly, and sincerely, and promote the spirit of initiative, enthusiasm, best efforts, and work efficiency. Every successful Archmage Games game is the result of the dedication of every member of the studio.

For work, we consider challenges as an opportunity to practice and develop to improve our skills and reach higher goals.

About us


Address : 2nd floor, Hoa Binh Green city building, 505 Minh Khai, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi

Hotline : 0983 630 604

Email :[email protected]

Website : archmagegames.com


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